Patient Testimonials


"Thank you! Your vigilance and professionalism spotted an abnormality in my mouth, and you were concerned it was dealt with as soon as possible. Two biopsies later, I was diagnosed with cancer on the tongue, fortunately early enough that the tumour had not spread. Had you not seen this and referred me to a specialist, I was informed I would not have lived to the end of the year. Thank you so much."

Mrs Sam T

"Many thanks for great result. its so easy to forget what my teeth were like and I am getting so many positive comments on them. thank you for such pain-free, stress free procedures."

Miss Janet W

"Without hesitation i would recommend Elizabeth as a competent and caring dentist who keeps you informed as to the work being carried out, giving one great confidence."

Mrs Elizabeth H

"Having a filling fall out when my regular dentist could not see me was a concern. I need not have worried as the treatment I received with Dr. Judson could not have been bettered. It became evident on that first visit I was in the hands of a very competent dentist with good technical knowledge and practical skills. I transferred to yourself and I have been very pleased with the dental treatment I have received over the years."

Mr Paul B

"1,000 thanks for all my cosmetic and dental treatment you have performed for me over the last year of so! I now have more confidence and feel happier visiting the dentist!!"

Mrs Kathryn B

"Having tried bleaching trays and liked the results, I finally decided to have my teeth straightened and whitened properly by Lizzie. This was an excellent decision to make, I have never regretted it! The actual operation took 31/2 hours and was really quite enjoyable. I was very relaxed all through the treatment, it did not hurt at all! The finished teeth are amazing! I have had such positive remarks such as “have you had a face lift?” ”Fantastic, you look younger”, I feel like a model! Thank you to Lizzie for everything, what a responsible job you have, so skilled."

Always grateful. Janet

"Dear Lizzie, belated thanks to you and the team for a very successful denture. I cannot thank you enough for the trouble you have taken for a good fit. Dear Jonathan, thank you so much for my fantastic veneers. I absolutely love them and they have given me the confidence to smile again. My trust in your skill and ability was never in doubt and I consider myself very lucky to have you as my dentist. Kind regards Sue P.

Brian S

"In June 2005, I had four porcelain crowns fitted by Jonathan Hall of Wickham Dental Practice. Many years previously I had two or three crowns fitted over several decades by different dentists which, together with a very discoloured upper tooth, did nothing for my confidence or self-esteem. I was very self-conscious of my front teeth and would be embarrassed to show them when smiling or laughing.

Since having the four crowns fitted, i dont hesitate to smile or laugh. I am happier and feel confident about my teeth and have received several comments on their appearance.

I am grateful to Jonathan for the work he carried out on my teeth, which to me represented excellent value for money. My only regret is not having had the treatment earlier!"

"I have just realised that it is almost three months since you completed my implants and flast teeth for my upper set and that I have not written to tell you how much I have appreciated them.

The plate is very comfortable to use and they seem to fit my mouth much better than earlier plates. I am very grateful for your skill and ability in producing them which, as i said earlier, are so comfortable. I am now getting into a routine of removing them nightly for cleaning and storage overnight and developing the nack of their removal. Their replacement in the morning is an absolute dream as they seem to just fall in place!

Would you also convey my thanks to your staff who were most attentive and helpful on my many visits. Thankyou for a job well done. Yours very sincerely."

"Jonathan, many thanks for your treatment over the past few months."


"I needed a filling replaced in the top left of my mouth. Elizabeth did the work with great skill. She gave me an injection which I didn't feel at all apart from slight pressure. Taking out the old filling was noisy but straight forward, and I was very pleased that Elizabeth told me what was going on. It was all over in about 40 minutes, I am most grateful to Elizabeth and her assistant Ela for their skill. Thank you. "

Mr Malec

"My past dental experiences have not been good, but with you it was so different, it was relaxed and informative and the cosmetic work I had done has been tremendous. it has changed my life to the extent I am smiling ear to ear, (something Lizzie called a Wallace and Gromit grin!). I never thought it would make me more confident than I am, but it has. Lizzie has the perfect nature I have known in a person which makes you feel secure and relaxed and her advanced cosmetic skills are there for all to see.

I should have done my teeth a long time ago. Thank you so much for my new look and for making my dental experience so relaxing and rewarding and value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wishes to have any form of dental work carried out"

Mr Ken S

"I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Judson. I found her to be most reassuring, friendly and professional. I am very pleased with the results of my visits to her."

Mrs Mary M

"Elizabeth has worked over the last year to put an end to my teeth problems far better than any dentist has done over the last 20 years! she has work tirelessly to correct old and painful root treatments and crowns, sometimes resolving problems other dentists had not been able to do. now and again she has worked beyond appointment times, not giving up, making sure i have now a perfect healthy smile! "

Mrs Sophie W

"Elizabeth has a splendid 'chairside' manner plus her treatments have been excellent." Mrs Joy F "I have been a patient of yours for many years now, receiving excellent complicated treatment with care and understanding. i would like to thank you sincerely for my 'confident smile'. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for any further treatments."

Mrs Doe T

"Thank you so much for rescuing my broken tooth. What a lot of clever treatment. Everything is fine and I slept like a baby!"

Mrs Dot E

"I really must thank you for my incredibly comfortable plate, quite amazing! Sincerely Virginia M. Thank you all so much for making the time spent in the chair completely pain free and as pleasant as possible. The result was well worth it. When I look at the old photos of myself, I realise I should have had it done years ago. So my advice would be to trust Lizzie and her team and go for it."

Ruth J

"About one year ago a slight click in my jaw developed into quite an audible, alarming and uncomfortable click. For this Lizzie had a dental splint made, I wear this at night, but soon became used to the feeling. After about six months Lizzie slightly adjusted it making it more comfortable. I was sceptical at first but after a few months there was a big improvement in my jaw and a year on the click has totally disappeared. I am very pleased with the results. A very easy and painless solution to an uncomfortable clicking jaw."

Thank you Ken

"Dear Jonathan, thank you so much for my fantastic veneers. I absolutely love them and they have given me the confidence to smile again. My trust in your skill and ability was never in doubt and I consider myself very lucky to have you as my dentist."

Kind regards Sue P.

"I would like to express my thanks for the dental work you have done for me over the last couple of years. I have had several Crowns put into place without any problems. I have particular pleasure in thanking you for your dental implant which you used to replace a broken tooth.

The procedure was explained to me in detail and i was impressed and grateful for the consideration given to me throughout by you and your staff, together with the effciency with which the procedure was carried out. I have experienced no problems with the implant and very little discomfort at the time (in fact no more than i would have expected from having a filling replaced).

I recommend without hesitation, your practice, to anyone who is considering an implant procedure and am more than happy for you to use this as an endorsement of your dental service."


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