Our Philosophy

Wickham Dental Practice ethos

Our practice has a great friendly environment where you can be sure you’re getting the latest techniques and kind experienced hands to look after your dental care.

We provide good prevention and sound advice on treatment for you to attain the highest level of dental health.

We allow you the best possible opportunity to keep your teeth for a lifetime and keep them looking beautiful.

The Preventative Approach

There is no doubt the most economical approach to dentistry is by prevention. Our services are designed to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime and stay dental ‘disease free’. It is important that you only have treatment which is necessary and use prevention to reduce your need for treatment.

Disease Free

Gum disease and dental decay or ‘caries’ is caused by plaque on the tooth surface. We all have plaque in our mouths, it is quite natural, but it is the age of the plaque and our individual reaction to it, along with sugar in our diet which determines the severity of the disease which develops.

Plaque usually sits in the crevice or collar of gum around each tooth. Generally the tongue side (‘lingual’) and the between teeth areas (interdentally) are the most plaque-infected. We often find that both the plaque and disease are worst on the right side for right-handers and the left side for left-handers. The dexterity, efficiency and frequency of brushing are all major factors in the establishment of tooth decay and gum disease.

Examinations and Hygiene Appointments

The most cost effective method of caring for your mouth are regular exams and hygiene appointments. These visits enable regular reassessment of your mouth and reinforcement of good habits. Precise cleaning, some below the gum line enable you to maintain good hygiene at home. We will introduce you to appropriate hygiene aids and techniques. On going care is essential at any age, there is no short term, quick solution!

Everyone has varying levels of need and the interval of visits are tailored to suit the individual. The most important single factor for prevention is your homecare routine to overcome the continued accumulation of plaque.


The main cause of tooth decay is not the amount of sugar or acid in the diet, but how often it is eaten or drunk. The more frequently you have sugary or acidic foods or drinks, the more likely you are to need a filling. It is therefore important to keep sugary and acidic foods to mealtimes only. If you have a snack, try to stick to cheese, vegetables and fruit, but not dried fruit. Similarly water not squash


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