Using dental veneers at Wickham Dental Practice to mask teeth defects

Dental veneers are used primarily for either improving the whiteness of teeth where a tooth whitening procedure would be insufficient, or for correcting minor issues on visible teeth such as cracks or small chips. They can also be used to close any gaps between teeth and are used on the more visible front teeth in the vast majority of cases.

The veneers themselves are made from ceramic and are very thin indeed, usually approximately 1mm. They are fitted to the prepared surface of a tooth in a manner not unlike a false fingernail.

After an assessment has been made of the patient's needs and veneers have been selected as the most appropriate treatment, a local anaesthetic is administered following which, a tool called a 'burr' is used to remove a fine layer from the front of the tooth to prepare it for the veneer. When this has been done, impressions will be taken and these will be sent to a dental laboratory in order for the veneers to be made. Provisional veneers are placed and we never leave our patients without covering on their teeth between appointments. Once the veneers have been manufactured, another appointment will be made where they are fitted to the patient's teeth. This is done using dental cement and once fitted, the veneers will be trimmed and polished to give a realistic appearance. When finished, dental veneers will give your teeth a new look that will bring the smile back to your face and fill you with confidence in your daily life.

Provided that reasonable care is taken of your veneers, and you keep your dental appointments going forward, you should expect them to last between 10-15 years before they will need to be replaced. If composite veneers are used, this period is shortened significantly and will be expected to last for usually 5 years.

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