Root Canal Treatment

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The words 'root canal' have a tendency to strike fear into the heart of a patient when they are told that they need this treatment. The reality though is entirely different and patients should not concern themselves with any scare stories that they may have heard relating to the pain caused by the procedure.  In fact, the most likely cause of pain in cases where a root canal is needed is the possibility of an abscess in the tooth. Nowadays though, these are detected prior to the procedure and if found, will be treated before the procedure which will be postponed until the abscess has gone.

Root canal treatment is needed when the inner soft materials of a tooth, (often referred to as the ‘pulp’)  which contains the blood vessels and nerves, becomes infected. In order to do this, the top of the tooth will be removed, using a local anaesthetic naturally. Once this has been done, special tools are then used to remove the infected inner material. The remaining shell of the tooth will then be fully cleaned and treated inside with an antibacterial spray to prevent any reoccurrence of the infection. The hollow tooth will then be filled and a crown added. In cases where the tooth is also badly damaged, a post is likely to be inserted to give additional support for the crown. The addition of a crown also gives extra strength to the tooth which may have become weakened as a result of the procedure.

It is important to follow up this procedure with regular check ups to monitor the health of the tooth, especially in the early stages. However, it should be noted that as the inner material has been removed, the tooth itself is no longer susceptible to infections. It is important though to continue to clean the teeth and gums in the area as the gums can still become infected if not cared for properly.



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