The role of the master ceramist

High quality dental restorations at Wickham Dental

Although we are usually focussed on the quality of the dentist performing work on our teeth, there are people working behind the scene and often not within the dental practice itself who make a significant contribution to the way that your teeth look.

One of these is the Master Ceramist who will make the dental veneers and crowns which are widely used in dentistry. We are fortunate enough to have some of the best master ceramists at our disposal who are based in London, Paris and Zurich. These ceramists have undergone extensive and lengthy training and are amongst the best in the world. Not only do many of these master ceramists prepare the ceramic restorations but also train and teach others, ensuring the best possible knowledge is passed on to the next generation.

These ceramic restoration experts are not only involved in the physical manufacture of these items but are involved in the assessment of what each patient will need too. When we talk about the dental laboratories that these people work in, it is easy to think of it as a kind of factory, however, master ceramists are very particular about who they work with and will only work with the very best dentists worldwide.

By using the very best ceramists, we can be assured that not only do we have access to the best people available but also to the best quality materials that are used in the process of creating your restoration. This applies not only to the ceramic itself but also to the other materials which are used within the framework of the restorations but which are not always visible. These materials can include gold, titanium or platinum.

By having your restorations done at our dental practice, you can be assured that only the very best people and materials will have been used to put a smile back on your face.

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