Nervous Patients

Helping overcome fear of dental anxiety and phobia for dental patients in Wickham and Fareham

We understand that for many coming to the dentist is a big step. We recommend coming to see us prior to your first appointment, please come and get to know us and the practice! We use many techniques to make your visits more relaxed. Watch your favourite DVD, or listen to music while having your treatment done. In the event you will require anaesthetic ask about the painless ‘magic wand’ anaesthetic instead of the traditional needle. We use anaesthetic gels and warm anaesthetic solution prior to use. These all make your time at the dentist much more pleasant. We will also give you time, we will not rush or push you in to making a decision. You can commence treatment when you are ready.

Please let us know about any particular dental anxieties you have so we can tailor your visits accordingly.


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