Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with implants at Wickham Dental Practice near Fareham

Dental Implants have made a dramatic improvement to the quality of life for many people who have lost their teeth. With a procedural success rate of approaching 98% and longevity excellent too (95% of implants are still functioning 15 years after being placed), it is perhaps not surprising that they are rapidly replacing dentures as the preferred method to replace missing teeth.

The procedure itself can be broken down into 4 parts:


At the consultation, x-rays and on occasions, a CT scan, will be taken to determine the exact position that the implants will be placed. A full discussion will be had with the patient to explain the procedure in full and answer any questions that they may have.

The Procedure

For the procedure itself, a local anaesthetic will be administered and the dentist will then, using a precision drill, drill holes in the exact place in the jawbone. The thought of this part is actually one of the biggest deterrents to people having the procedure, but the reality is that the jawbone actually contains few nerves and is not painful at all. Once the holes have been drilled, a titanium dental implant will be placed into the hole.

The Integration

After the dental implant has been placed, there is a period of time, usually a few months, where the bone will gradually integrate itself and attach itself to the implant. This only happens with titanium and is termed ‘osseointegration’. The effect of this is that the implant will be held into place extremely securely.

The Replacement Tooth

To replace the tooth itself, a dental crown will be made at a dental laboratory. This will be based on scans and colour matches and will be made to fit in with the appearance of your other teeth making it look entirely natural.

Once the dental implant has settled in, you will find that you can eat a full diet again without having to worry about whether your new tooth will break or become loose. In fact, after you become used to it, you will probably feel very little difference at all between your natural teeth and your new dental implant.

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