Implant Referrals

Accepting dental implant referrals at Wickham Dental Practice

Because we take great pride in our skills and reputation in the field of dental implants, we are happy to offer our services for referrals from other dental practices. During our many years of training and experience, we have built up a team of dental implant experts at our practice at Fareham in Hampshire and fulfill the requirements laid down by the GDC (General Dental Council). Many dental professionals already refer their patients to us, fully confident that they will receive the best possible care in our modern practice which is fitted with the latest equipment.

Whilst there can, on occasions, be uncertainties that arise when referring patients to another dental practice for dental implants, we endeavour to keep these to a minimum by developing good relationships with the referring dentists. Throughout the treatment process, we will communicate with the referring dentist in relation to the patient they have entrusted to our care.

We welcome the referring dentist to contact us at any stage during the patient's treatment and are happy to discuss any areas of concerns or more general questions that they may have in order to re-assure them that the patient is receiving the best care and treatment possible. We are always happy for any referring dentist to visit our practice and to see the facilities that we have on offer and to meet the staff.

When a patient has been referred to us for a dental implant with one of our Fareham dentists, they will be invited for an initial assessment. This may include an examination of their overall oral health and readiness for an implant, along with x-rays and impressions.

If the patient is a suitable candidate for dental implants to be placed, we will then discuss the options and procedure with them and advise them of the cost and other financial matters such as payment structure before the procedure goes ahead. This ensures that the patient understands fully, the procedure itself and any financial implications.

Once this has been done and the patient is happy with the advice and costings, they will be booked in to start the procedure for their dental implants.

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