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Few people are aware that many of the early Hollywood stars were recipients of cosmetic dentistry. Heavy smoking and drinking was common then and as full face shots on the big screen were frequent, something had to be done about the poor state of their teeth. This is where the term, the Hollywood smile; originates from.

Cosmetic Dentistry ABC

A for align (straighten teeth discreetly)

B for bleach- whiten teeth- simple save and easy to maintain

C for cosmetic bonding- irregularities in the shape and size of teeth can be repaired in one treatment session. This is a more conservative approach than ceramic veneers and could be an option for your smile. No drilling and often no anaesthetic is required. The process is discreet and cost effective.

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What is a Smile Makeover?

Strictly speaking, there is no procedure with that name. What it actually involves will depend very much on each individual case. It is, in fact, a combination of a number of cosmetic dental procedures which are designed to restore a person’s teeth to their best. For some people who have otherwise healthy teeth, all this may consist of is a simple tooth whitening procedure to improve the appearance, but for many more, it may involve the placing of dental veneers, either to improve the whiteness of their teeth, or perhaps to hide cracks and small chips and other imperfections on their teeth. It can also be used to close gaps between teeth if needed.

For those patients who teeth have been neglected or perhaps damaged in an accident, more invasive procedures such as dental implants may be used. These are becoming increasingly common in cases where people have lost teeth or have teeth so badly damaged that they need to be replaced. Although the procedure is invasive, dental implants provide an excellent replacement for a lost tooth and once placed and given time to settle, provide the wearer with a strong replacement tooth that feels almost like the real thing.

Although much money is spent by advertisers offering toothpastes and other treatments that claim to offer a dramatic improvement to our teeth, the reality is that they can only have a limited effect and if you want to dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth, only a visit to a cosmetic dentist will give you the results that you want.

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