Fluoride Treatment

Using fluoride treatment to protect teeth at Wickham Dental Practice

Fluoride is a mineral which occurs naturally and can often be found in the water supply in many areas of the country. In those areas where the fluoride level is low, it may be added to drinking water to benefit the nation's overall health. It is also added in larger quantities to toothpastes and other dental treatments as fluoride has been shown to reduce cavities in teeth by up to two thirds in some studies.

By reacting with the enamel on our teeth, fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel layer adding extra protection to the soft inner core of our teeth, commonly called the pulp. This is the area that is most susceptible to infections and decay and therefore any added protection can only be beneficial to a patient’s oral health.

Most dental filling materials that are commonly used also contain fluoride in order to add some extra protection to the teeth. This also has the additional benefit of helping to reduce any sensitivity that might be felt following the filling procedure. In some specific cases, we can also place non fluoride fillings and will discuss this with our patients if necessary or if requested.

Fluoride is especially important for children as their adult teeth come through. Unlike their first teeth, these adult teeth will hopefully last them throughout their lifetime and therefore the addition of fluoride gives their teeth a fighting chance to remain strong and healthy for a longer period of time.

Whilst we are aware that some people have concerns over the addition of fluoride in dental treatments, overall we feel that it is a positive thing and often use it to help the prevention of dental decay. If you do have concerns about it though, please do mention it and we will discuss the various alternative options available with you.

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