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Losing our teeth, whether through disease or accident, is something that many of us will have to deal with during our life. This is likely to have an impact on our confidence as well as our ability to eat a full and varied healthy diet. The loss of a number of teeth can also add to the appearance of ageing as our cheeks begin to appear prematurely sunken.

Whilst there are other methods of replacing teeth, specifically dental implants, there is no faster way to do this than to have the missing teeth replaced with dentures. These have been a tried and tested method for many years.  Unlike older style dentures, modern versions now both look and feel more natural and are more comfortable than previously.

Whilst we may all have seen the comedy sketches about dentures falling out at inappropriate moments, in reality, this rarely happens. Most people are able to keep the dentures in place purely by the natural suction to the gums; for additional security though, a dental adhesive may be used. A more recent addition to available methods for their security is the use of mini dental implants which are used to increase denture stabilisation. By using these additional methods, the wearer can eat and socialise more confidently, safe in the knowledge that their dentures will remain firmly in place.

Once the dentures have been fitted, it is important to keep them clean. This is done by brushing the dentures and soaking them in cold water whilst not being worn; this is usually done overnight. This procedure also allows the gums to rest and can reduce any incidence of gum soreness that may occur.

With major tooth loss, the bones in the jaw will eventually shrink, causing the jaw to change shape slightly. When this happens, the dentures can become loose. For this reason it is important to keep regular check ups at the dentist who will be able to monitor this and recommend whether your current dentures will need adjusting or whether a new set will need to be produced.

Secure Dentures (CQR)

CQR™ Dentures is a new way of making complete dentures. Researched and developed over the past 20 years by dental professionals, professional engineers and biomechanics researchers (Loughborough University, UK, from the UK and USA.

In a traditional denture, the teeth are set up to a standardised position, so that all dentures have exactly the same bite. With CQR™ Dentures, we have found a way of setting up the teeth to very closely match the way patients use their muscles and move their jaw. This set up results in a smoother occlusal guidance and provides a platform for greater coordinated muscle effort allowing better chewing dynamics.

Patients find they can chew a much wider range of foods (including steak and peanuts) and enjoy flavours they haven't tasted in years. Eating becomes a pleasure again. This can have very positive effects on their social and family life, too, as their confidence grows when laughing and speaking.

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