Dental Treatments Introduction

Cosmetic and General Dentistry Options

At Wickham Dental Practice we are justifiably proud of the wide range of modern dental treatments we offer, including general and family services through to complex oral reconstructions using the latest restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques.

Our routine dental services include simple fillings, fluoride treatments and fissure sealants complemented by comprehensive oral examinations and "scale and polish" with our hygienists.

We are also pleased to offer several options for replacing missing teeth including traditional dentures and bridge work through to the latest dental implants to restore the full function and appearance of natural teeth.

The modern dentistry we offer can make a real difference for patients who have fairly significant oral defects. This includes "smile makeovers" and complex oral reconstructions using implants, crowns, veneers and other advanced techniques. We can even restore jaw bone that has degraded over time in readiness for the placement of dental implants.

Where the inner parts of a tooth have become infected, we can often avoid extraction by performing root canal therapy in conjunction with a crown to provide strength. Only when all other options have been exhausted will we consider removal of the tooth.

On of the increasingly popular treatments that we offer is "orthodontics", more commonly referred to as teeth straightening. The latest braces are nothing like the "train-track" versions of old which were both uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing. Modern versions are made from clear plastic and they are often referred to as "invisible, clear braces". These braces, including the popular Invisalign type, are much more accessible, comfortable and consequently very popular with teenagers and adults. Tooth straightening is no longer just for children!

We are confident that you will be impressed with the range of high quality dental services offered by our experienced team and we invite you to contact us on 01329 833855 to make an appointment. We'll be very pleased to welcome you!



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