The use of dental crowns to repair damaged teeth at Wickham Dental Practice

Dental crowns are sometimes also referred to as a 'cap'. This is because they are used to 'cap' a tooth by fitting over the surface of it. To do this, the tooth that is to receive the crown will be shaped in preparation and an impression then taken. The impression will then be sent to a dental laboratory for the crown to be made. This will be done so that the crown matches the patient's natural teeth in both shape and colour. This process will be done by a master ceramist to ensure the best possible results.

A dental crown is a widely used corrective procedure and is mainly used for the following:

  • Restoring a badly damaged or heavily filled tooth that has lost its strength and integrity
  • To correct the shape of a tooth that has become broken and may be weak or causing discomfort
  • The treatment of discoloured teeth where a tooth whitening process is insufficient
  • The realignment of crowded or spaced teeth to give better structure and a more aesthetic appeal.

Crowns can be made from a range of materials to suit the requirements for the role they are designed to play.

All ceramic crowns are usually used to replace the outer enamel of a tooth. This method ensures that the whiteness of a tooth remains. Ceramic-Gold teeth are used where the structure of the crown needs to be more secure with the gold providing the extra strength needed. This may be used mainly on the rear teeth which do much of the chewing of food, thereby taking extra pressure upon them.

If you are having a dental implant, a crown will be fitted to the abutment that is attached to the titanium implant that has been placed into your jawbone.

At Wickham dental in Fareham, we offer a choice of these crowns and will discuss with the patient, the advantages and any potential disadvantages with our clients before going ahead with the procedure.

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