Assessment and Diagnosis

Our Oral health assessment or new patient examination involves much more than just teeth...we start with jaws and face symmetry, we will evaluate your gums and the other soft parts of your mouth. We look for signs of disease, oral cancer, and injury. I will assess the health of each individual tooth, and fillings/crowns you may have, as well as tooth replacements (bridges/ dentures). I will assess how your teeth look, mainly lead by concerns you have. We will take appropriate x-rays, to assess teeth/bone/jaws. We will look at your bite and the health of your jaw joint.

Often we take photos. We like to involve you in the examination process so you understand the data collected. We use small oral cameras to help us explain. Please feel free to ask us questions through the process.

Dr Hall and Dr Judson usually spend some time analysing the information gathered. They will either send you a written report, or meet in person to discuss the findings, sometimes both.

Careful consideration is taken for the costs of the treatment, and your budget. There are usually many different options, with varying costs, and we need to find what suits you best. Many treatments can be spread out over a period of time, or we do arrange payment plans, with the payments spread out, if you would like treatment sooner.

Study Models

If more complex treatment may be indicated, we will see you again to gather additional information. This often involves study models, which are casts of your teeth, made by taking impressions. We may need to analyse your jaw joint, chewing muscles and the way in which your teeth come together. This data is collected and more photos may be taken. The cast of your teeth can be mounted on an articulator. This is an instrument that simulates how your teeth come together and move against each other as you bite and chew.

This may be the most thorough dental examination you have ever had. This information is vital for us to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment options can be provided.

Regular examinations

We take the preventative approach to dentistry. Avoiding problems, and costly solutions! Whether you have had treatment, or given a clean bill of health, I will advise you when you need to return to us for you examinations and the hygienist (where appropriate). If you have cost concerns, please speak to us, so we can create a prevention programme that you can keep to and suits your budget. We like to guarantee our work for certain periods of time. This cannot be done if we don’t see you to prevent problems.


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